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Skillful Application of Electric Linear Actuator

Electric actuator linear actuator

Electric push rod is a compact push rod widely used in home care equipment, furniture, medical equipment and industrial equipment. The direction of the motor has 12 angles to choose (every 30 degrees), which makes it very suitable for installation in those places where there are space constraints. With the promotion of electric push rod, its application in various products has been popularized, which also proves that electric push rod has long-term development potential. Today we're going to learn about its ingenious use in cameras.

In addition to the electric push rod can be used in industrial machinery and equipment, many products in life have changed greatly because of the electric push rod, electric sofa is a typical example. Now, this technology has been used in the camera. Traditional cameras need tripod to operate. Although it is much easier, it takes a lot of time to adjust.

With an electric push rod, it is different. As long as a support of an electric push rod is installed and fixed with a certain setting, the camera is connected with the electric push rod through a tripod or other pipe material. In this way, we only need to set the stroke of the electric push rod, and the electric push rod can automatically rise to a fixed stroke. The camera doesn't need to be adjusted every time. It's a very practical invention.

Application of electric push rod: DC small electric push rod can be widely used in electric sofa, electric dental chair, traction bed, electric medical bed, dynamic booth lifting rod, multi-functional operating bed, electric optometer, LCD TV lifting bracket, cleaning sanitation vehicle, industrial heavy machinery, industrial electric lifting system, camera rack, throwing in. Film camera, wedding system and other fields.