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DHLA1300 Electric Linear Actuator

● Max Thrust: 1300 N;

● Max Speed: 66mm/s;

● Stroke Length: 50-1000mm


Extremely powerful linear actuator able to create reliable movement even in very harsh environments.

Comes with TAIXI integrated controller (IC) and ideal for harsh outdoor environments.

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Product Description

Product Feature

Lead Screw Type:Trapezoidal thread

Input voltage:DC 12V/24V

Maximum load:1300N/130kg

Maximum Speed:66mm/s

Maximum Stroke:1000mm

Limit Switches:Built-in

Protection Level:IP54

Operating Frequency:10%,2min.on/

Operating Temperature: 0°C~+40°C

Noise index:≤25dB

Manual function: not support


DHLA1300 is an electric drive device that converts the rotary motion of the motor into the linear reciprocating motion of the push rod.It can be used as an executing machine in various simple or complex process flow to realize remote control, centralized control or automatic control.

Technical Parameters

Voltage DC24V DC12V
Speed (MM/S) 5 12 25 40 52 10 20 30 40 66
Load Pull Capacity(N) 1200 800 400 330 200 600 300 200 150 100
Load Push Capacity(N) 1300 1000 500 400 300 800 400 300 200 150
Stroke Length (mm) 50mm-1000m
Operating Temperature 0°C~+40°C
Limit switches Built-in
Operating Frequency 10% max 2min. Continuous Use
Inner Tube Aluminum tube
Lead screw Type Type T

Outline Dimension Drawing






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