WIFI Controller Instruction Manual
C12 Wifi Controller
Main Technical Parameters
Input Voltage: DC9V~30V
Output Voltage: DC9V~90V
Control Voltage: DC5V / DC9~30V
WIFI Standard: 2.4Ghz
Maximum Load Of Circuit: 10A
Maximum Power: 300W
You can control your device from anywhere
Support 27 Kinds languages

Matters Needing Attention

①. Your smart phone or tablet has connected to 2.4G WiFi with internet.
②. You have the correct WiFi PWD.
③. Your smart phone or tablet must have access to APP store, Google play.
④. If your router is set with MAC address filtering, please enter the router background to turn off MAC filtering
⑤. The controller only be controlled by 1 mobile phone
⑥. The controller is closer to the router, is easier to quickly identify
⑦. The distance between actuator and router is within an open range of 20 meters

Instructions For Use

①. Press and hold the button (B1 /B2) for about 7 seconds suntil the WiFi green LED blinks fast
②. Tap + on EWelink App
③. Input your WiFi Password
④. Name your device
⑤. When the WiFi LED Keep on green, the device is online.
⑥. Support 27 kinds languages, you can set your own language.
⑦. You can use B1 / B2 on the controller to control the device.