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We provide personalized customized services, please tell us your specific requirements, specific occasions, required thrust, stroke, voltage, protection level and other performance requirements. Our professional design team will tailor-made for you according to your detailed requirements, and provide you with timely and accurate design results for confirmation. We will send our solutions to you or to you in the shortest time you can accept, and always prepare more choices for you until you choose a satisfactory product.

Instructions for ordering:
1. Customers can order through E-mail, telephone, fax or network. Office hours: Monday to Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 17:30 p.m. every day.
2. When ordering, please provide the following information: customer name, telephone, unit, Email, detailed address of receipt, invoice, product name (number), specifications, quantity, and other requirements.
3. Due to the irregular adjustment of raw materials, the final transaction price should be confirmed by contact with our company.
4. When receiving the goods, please make a careful inventory of the relevant varieties, quantities, prices and whether the goods are damaged or not. If you have the above-mentioned problems within two days after receiving the goods, please submit them in writing and refuse to deal with them within the time limit.
5. Customers should store the goods at the required storage temperature after receiving the goods. If the quality problems of the products are found in the process of use, they will be replaced free of charge once they are confirmed.
6. In the course of the experiment, if it is the quality problem of the product itself, please submit it it in writing within 30 days and provide detailed experimental data. The solution of complaints about product quality is limited to the product itself, and the company will not bear the indirect impact.
7. Users must obtain the consent of the company when withdrawing all forms of orders. Otherwise, the economic losses caused by the company will be the responsibility of the users.
8. Payment Requirements: Our company accepts bank remittances, cash, post office remittances, and other means of payment.
9. Payment deadline: payment on delivery. Please fax the bank remittance to our company, we will arrange the delivery in the shortest time, and the agent will pay according to the cooperation agreement between the two parties.
10. The right of final interpretation of the above contents is vested in our company.