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IPDM Electric Dual-Column Synchronization

● Max Thrust: 200 N;

● Max Speed: 100 mm/s;

● Stroke Length: 50-950 mm


Extremely powerful lift able to create reliable movement even in very harsh environments.

Comes with TAIXI integrated controller (IC) and it is suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments.

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Descrição do Produto


This lifting column is made of aluminium alloy. It has high strength and good stability. It uses low noise to drive the motor and improves the comfort of use. The two pillars can rise and fall synchronously and work together. It takes 45 seconds to adjust the maximum stroke.

Product features

Technical Parameters

Input Voltage 9V-24V
No-load Speed(mm/s) 0-100mm/s
Load Push Capacity(N) 5-200
Load Pull Capacity(N) 5-200
Stroke Length(mm) 50mm-950mm
Operating Temperature 0℃ ~+40℃
Limit Switches Built-in(Optional)
Inner Tube Aluminum Tube
Lead Screw Type Type T

Outline Dimension Drawing

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