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IPTT-SD Electric Lifting Column

● Max Thrust: 3,000 N;

● Color:  Silver White;


Extremely powerful lift able to create reliable movement even in very harsh environments.

Comes with TAIXI integrated controller (IC) and it is suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments.

PDF Obrigatório
Descrição do Produto


The product is called electric lifting column. It uses aluminium alloy shell. It is safe, stable, rust-free, fadeless, environmentally friendly and durable. Customized itinerary, more stretching space, built-in limit switch. Ultra low noise. Fine workmanship, easy installation, durable. Intelligent anti-clip function, safe and worry-free. It can be used for household products, tatatami, table, etc.

Product features

● Aluminum alloy shell, impact resistance, durable
● Low noise
● Large expansion range
● Built-in limit switch
● Wide range of applications
● The functions of expanding, selecting Hall sensor, PC control, etc.
● Other specifications and sizes can be customized

Technical Parameters

Regular Product Initial Height(mm) Final Height(mm) Stroke Length(mm) Static Bearing
IPTT-SD260 260 540 280 3000
IPTT-SD285 285 670 385 3000
IPTT-SD310 310 710 400 3000
IPTT-SD360 360 840 480 3000
Color Silver White
Panels Powder Coating
* does not contain handle box, is the height of the upper and lower iron plate. Other specifications, sizes can be customized.

Outline Dimension Drawing

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