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Electric Massage Chair Solution

Electric massage chair is based on the traditional design of less hair, using information technology, microelectronics technology, sensor technology, mechanical technology, intelligent control and so on, combining electronic information technology with mechanical control, realizing a variety of specific functions, creating a comfortable and pleasant experience for users, enjoying life, and experiencing science and technology institute. The joy of life. In order to ensure that the mechanical part has enough power and stable structure, we have introduced a high thrust linear execution to improve the user experience.


1. Our electric actuators use high-precision silent motors to eliminate the sound of most motors.
2, IP54 protection level, can directly resist splash of water, dust and other pollutants in any direction.
3. Aluminum alloy die casting, high strength, solid and reliable.
4. The maximum thrust can reach 8000N, which can increase 8000KG and maintain uniform speed.
5. Intelligent anti-clip, pressure rebound, to ensure higher security.
6. It can be customized according to the actual requirements of supporting products.

Sales method:
1, Can be purchased separately, a single electric actuator, no other additional accessories.
2, Electric actuator + controller + power supply (12V / 24V, can be customized other voltage), the price of each accessory is cheap to buy separately.
3, Integrated electric lift table, including all accessories and installation instructions, this method needs to explain all the details with us, so that we can quote and ship.