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Los actuadores lineales eléctricos hacen realidad millones de ideas en la vida
No importa en qué negocio se encuentre, tenemos una solución para usted. De hecho, el 80% de nuestros pedidos se personalizan según las necesidades del cliente.
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DIHAO Electric Zhejiang Co., Ltd. is a great manufacturer and seller of linear-actuator in China, specializes in the R&D, production and sales of motor products over decades. DIHOOL Electric owns strong research capability and advanced production technology on brushless motors, permanent magnet DC planetary gear motor, gear reduction... Speed motor, mini electric putter, putter motors, electric lifting column, electric tatami lift and other related motor products. The company set up a professional motor product testing laboratory, equipped with the most advanced pressure tester, plug machine, dynamometers, oscilloscopes, armature performance test instrument, aging test bench and other modern testing equipment. The performance indicators in leaner-actuator are always strictly conducted in accordance with the National Electrical testing standards, ensuring perfect quality and satisfaction of customers. Rely on high quality and established reputation in the market for many years, the company's products has been widely used in the mechanical drive, fire equipment, windows, electric toys, automatic control equipment, health care equipment, and many other fields. The linear-actuate is also favored by the international market, exported to Europe, Southeast and other countries of Asia.

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Taller de producción de 5000 metros cuadrados.
80% de producción personalizada para los clientes