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Mobile Display Lifting Bracket

Mobile Display Lifting Bracket is specially developed for large size and heavy-duty displays. It is suitable for conference halls, exhibition halls, hotels, airports, railway stations, hospitals, bus stations, shopping plazas, trade fairs and other places. It has a solid structure and convenient installation. It is equipped with a platform with TV peripheral accessories. A nylon universal wheel is installed at the bottom, which can be flexible. Live movement. The height of the display can be adjusted arbitrarily and controlled remotely because of the electric lifting column scheme.


1. Our electric actuators use high-precision silent motors to eliminate the sound of most motors.
2. The size of the lifting column is large and small, and foreign dust is not easy to enter the crevice.
3. Aluminum alloy die casting, deformation resistance, high strength;
4. Stop in case of resistance and ensure safety.
5. It can be equipped with remote controller and remote control.
6. Using high-precision silent motor, the lifting process is gentle and does not bring noise.


Sales method:
1, Can be purchased separately, a single electric actuator, no other additional accessories.
2, Electric actuator + controller + power supply (12V / 24V, can be customized other voltage), the price of each accessory is cheap to buy separately.
3, Integrated electric lift table, including all accessories and installation instructions, this method needs to explain all the details with us, so that we can quote and ship.