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Electric Medical Care Bed Solution

The medical bed used in the hospital includes electric and manual adjustment. The traditional manual adjustment method requires special adjustment. The patient cannot adjust the height of the medical bed, fold, etc., and the adjustment is also very laborious. The adjustment method is very complicated. Therefore, many modern medical treatments are gradually replacing the manual medical bed with an electrically adjustable medical bed.
The electric linear actuator is the core component of the electric adjustment. The stability is very high, the adjustment is simple, and the patient can adjust it by himself. It can be operated by a dedicated controller, remote control or APP application. The actuator adopts a linear telescopic method. The adjustment process has no stall at a constant speed and does not cause secondary damage to the patient. The telescopic length can be customized and is suitable for most medical beds. The manual adjustment of the medical bed can also be changed to an automatically adjusted medical bed by the addition of an electric linear actuator, which greatly saves costs.


1. Our electric actuators use high-precision silent motors to eliminate the sound of most motors.
2. IP54 protection level, can directly resist the splash of water, dust and other pollutants in any direction.
3. Using aluminum alloy die-casting, anti-deformation, with high strength.
4. The maximum thrust can reach 6000N, can increase the 600KG object, and maintain a uniform speed.
5. Intelligent anti-pinch, pressure rebound, to ensure higher security.
6. The stroke adjustment range can be customized according to customer requirements.


Sales method:
1. Can be purchased separately, a single electric actuator, no other additional accessories.
2. Electric actuator + controller + power supply (12V / 24V, can be customized other voltage), the price of each accessory is cheap to buy separately.